Jan 16, 2012

^_^..motivate me.


To have faith when others have lost their own;
To act with confidence, even when confidence is gone;
To laugh, even though the world is against you;
To smile, even when sadness fills you;

To have strength, even though weakness prevails;
To push away fear every time it returns;
To see light when only darkness surrounds you;
To walk in the rain though everyone else runs;

To understand, even when words are not spoken;
To give and never desire a return;
To devote your heart without the expectation of receiving;
To forget everyone’s failures and see only the good;

To see the potential in people, not their past;
To lift others up, while not being pulled down;
To always learn and never think you are finished;
To embrace your true calling, regardless of the odds;

To realize your dreams when others have wishes;
To never stop believing, even though others doubt;
To have the world you deserve, not the one you’ve been given;
To dictate to life, not have life dictate to you;

This is the true beginning of knowledge;
For it is not just a dream if you make it a real
- C. R. Stewart
its good to have something to motivate us kan..
exam lusa start!!!....berusaha!!!
.same2 doakan=)..and good luck sume yang nak exam juga=)

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


albanaT said...

takut2. jom baca buku T_T

misshannajr said...

gudluck dear..mesti boleh punya..InshaAllah..jaga diri kat tmpt org tu :)

EruzuLiyana said...

goodluck peeps, walaupun kami x exam, tapi kami plak yang berdebar tatentupasal bila semua kawan dok ceghita pasai exam..:)

uyaitusaya said...

GOODLUCK!!!!!! :)

محمد رازيق said...

all the best exam :) free2, jmput singgah blog, jmput bc entry BURUNG BIRU SI PEMALU :)

nuha said...

semoga dipermudahkan urusan..:)

nabila azmi said...

yana:hhuhu..fighting=)...walaupun susah=.=

mis hana:thanks..=)doakan k=)



raziq:okie..thanks singgah=)

nuha: thanksss=)

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