Jun 26, 2020

Krispi taupok shell ❤️


Today I made this.
Senang buatnye
Pki air fryer 5 Minit cmtu
Healthy pun healthy hihi

Sedappp.. Hihi..
Good for Snacking ❤️

Ni resepinye... 

Slmt mncuba

Till then
Dr Bella ❤️

Jun 21, 2020


Assalamualaikum everyone
May Allah bless everyday keep positive be happy as always.

Been quiet few months now. Workload so much at workplace..

I've been decided to resign on190620
Already sent my resign letter since 1 month ago...
The feeling.. Hmm.. Mcm2 juga.
I guess this is one of my biggest decision in 30 years of life..
I love my job.. But maybe I wanna some quality life in my life.. Be happier.. Yup.. Lots people talk negatively juga.. Hmm.. Diff people diff thinking kan..

Moga Allah permudahkn urusan seterusnya.. Ok
Will talk later for my goal in life in next post

Till then ❤️ Dr Bella..

Feb 5, 2020

Happy 30th

Today is my 30th birthday... 
Another year older
Another blessed year.. 
Thankful to Allah.. 
For this 30 years of life.. 

I could never thank my parents enough
Always support me and my siblings whenever bad or naughty or stubborn we are... 

May Allah bless them always.. 
Gonna update a longer version later.. 

Currently packing for a beday vacation trip first hehehe.. 

Til then
❤️Dr bella

Jan 20, 2020

❤️ Trip avani

Assalamualaikum sunshines..

So last weekend 18.1.2020 and 19.1.2020...I went for a senior's wedding in selangor..I went with my other 3 collegues and my sis..  Congratulations syima.. U looks super beautiful.. Moga bahagia smpai syurga.. ❤️

Afterwards.. We decided to stay for 1 night at avina Sepang...
It's our first time there.. Syglah juga.. Its not up to our expectations since the hotel super pricey... Huhu.. The room is not so cold.. The toilet quite dirty.. Like cleaners so cincai doing cleaning.. Maybe sebab ramai org... Buggee so lambat despite I can see merata rata buggee.. Huhu.. Otherwise the breakfast was OK. The view was superb. The spa was nice. Need much improvement.. Otherwise.. Maybe I won't come here again..

Had our dinner over senandung malam restaurant.. Food was OK. But the service was super long time to take..  Imagine order je need to queue almost 1 hour. Food came after 2 hours.. Huhu.. Eat like super hungryyy... I know there were lots of people.. But I think this is not acceptable. Huhu..
On next day after check out..
We Had our late lunch at chef ammar's restaurant at usj 4 .. Yummy!!! Missing Egyptian food so much huhu... Can come here again with parents later hehe..

So here some pic of my weekend.. Thanks girls... Had my happy time 💖

Till then ❤️
Dr Bella 🌹

Jan 18, 2020

❤️Assalamualaikum 2020...

Hello bloggers.. Its been like 4 years I have never open up my blog... One thing because I'm super duper busy with my hectic life style as a medical doctor.. Another thing I forgot my passwords hehe..

Wow.. Last time I wrote here.. I just graduated hehe..
Now I have completed my HO ship and already being in MO ship 1 year plus Alhamdulillah.
Super Alhamdulillah..

Allah bless..
Will write up more soon

Till then,
Dr Bella 🌹😉

Feb 5, 2016

Happy birthday to me! ^__^


Hepi beday to me today yang ke 26..
Thank you ya Allah for letting me alive till now..
Thank u for everything u give me.my fmily.my friends.
I love u Allah..

Let me be a wiser stronger in everything i do in the future ^__^

Yeah.i have twins sister.hehe


Feb 3, 2016

Thank u Allah


Finally im home...
I miss home.
But i do miss mansoura,egypt

Thank u Allah for.letting me pass my exam.
I am no good.but may Allah help me more in future.

Till then..

Allah..help me forget my ex lover.. i really need to move on..  :(

Krispi taupok shell ❤️

Assalamualaikum Today I made this. Senang buatnye Pki air fryer 5 Minit cmtu Healthy pun healthy hihi Sedappp.. Hihi.. Good for...