Dec 24, 2010

hensem lagi bergaye.err....awak lah!!^_^

haa...kenal x diorang???

hehe...xkenal tu sajelah kan...

famous diorang nih..=)...

emm...so...as peminat setie..=p
saje2 nak cite sket sal diorg...

sket je..xbyk k...

mule2 kite amik ketuenye dulu...

kenal x???ala yg berlakon citer boys over flower...and 'we got married'
name: Kim Hyun Joong
Date of birth : 06 June 1986 
Height, weight  : 181cm, 67kg
Nickname : Dog...errr.pelik gile=p
 Place of birth : Seoul
Interest & specialty : Instrumental performances
Ideal breakfast menu : Ramen
 Favorite phrase : "Really"
 Favorite color : Black
 Favorite vegetables : Mushroom broccoli
 Favorite physical part of your body : Collarbone
 Future dream : Doing my own music
 Instruments played : Now self-learning guitar, bass, drum, triangle, castanets
 An ideal man is : Someone who can work and play as necessary
 An ideal woman is : Someone who is like friend, a flawless simple female
An ideal date is : Play musical instruments together
 Best in cooking : Ramen
 Like & dislike Korean dish : Like beef mixed soup, dislike dog meat
 Favorite drink : Apple juice
 Dislike drink : Tomato juice
 Favorite (best) subject : Physical education
Dislike (worst) subject : English
 Favorite sport : Football
 Essence of handsome looks : Hats
Favorite flower : Sakura (cherry blossoms)
 Favorite animal : Dog
 Prefer phone calls or SMS : Phone calls
 How you deal with difficulties : Sleep
3 things to bring to a deserted island : Plane, petrol, pilot
 Thing that cannot be left behind : My instruments

next..si sepet cumeyh nih..
name:Heo Young Saeng
Date of birth  : 3 November 1986
 Height, weight  : 178cm, 66kg
 Nickname : Otter, Prince
Place of birth : Gochang County, Jeollabuk-do
Family members : Father, Mother, Me
 Most respected person : People who do their best in their scope of works
 Interest & specialty : Sing, piano, read, gaming, basketball
 Ideal breakfast menu : Cheese, milk
 Favorite color : White, black, red, blue
 Favorite vegetables : Cabbage
Favorite physical part of your body : Shoulder
Future dream : Best singer
Instruments played : A bit of piano
 Favorite SS501 song : Wings of the World
 Role in SS501 : Lead vocal
An ideal man is : Jang Dong-Gun,  Kang Don-Won

 Kang Don Won

 Jang Dong Gun

An ideal woman is : Cute, pretty, understand me, will hold onto me tightly, attract me, guide me
 An ideal date is : Drive around
Best in cooking : Kimchi soup
 Like & dislike Korean dish : Like fried chicken, dislike seafood
 Favorite drink : Dakara sport drinks, lemon water
 Dislike drink : Carbonate drinks
 Favorite (best) subject : English
 Dislike (worst) subject : Maths
 Favorite sport : Basketball, baseball, football
 Essence of handsome looks : Overall
 Favorite flower : Rose
 Favorite animal : Wolf, dog, panda
 Prefer phone calls or SMS : SMS
 Motto : Give your best & you can do it
How you deal with difficulties : Battle and win myself
 3 things to bring to a deserted island : Phone, computer, clothes
 Thing that cannot be left behind : My clothes

name: Kim Kyu Jong
 Date of birth  : 24 February 1987
 Height, weight  : 182cm, 68kg
 Nickname : Preying mantis, Gorilla
 Place of birth : Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do
 Family members : Father, Mother, Younger Sister
 Interest & specialty : Interest - Listen to music while taking a stroll, Specialty - Magic
 Ideal breakfast menu : Korean soup, rice, kimchi and egg dishes
 Favorite color : Yellow
 Favorite vegetables : Onion
 Favorite physical part of your body : Left hand
 Future dream : Singer, become a father
 Favorite SS501 song : Wings of the World & Confession (Korea), Kokoro, Distance & Hiroshizu (Japan)
 Role in SS501 : Light (?? *scratch head*)
 An ideal man is : Honest man
 An ideal woman is : Pure, and will show her true self to the person she like
 An ideal date is : Regardless of the people around & date happily
Best in cooking : Curry
 Like & dislike Korean dish : Like all Korean food
 Favorite drink : Ion drinks
. Dislike drink : Carbonate drinks
  Favorite sport : Basketball 
 Essence of handsome looks : None 
  Favorite flower : Freesia 
Prefer phone calls or SMS : Phone calls 
 Motto : Don't depend on luck to solve problems 
 How you deal with difficulties : Never thought there'll be any difficulty
 3 things to bring to a deserted island : Plane, ship, petrol 
 Thing that cannot be left behind : Contact lens, spectacles

^_^ ^_^
name: Park Jung Min
Date of birth  : 3 April 1987
 Height, weight  : 182cm, 69kg
 Nickname : Horse
 Place of birth : Seoul
 Family members : Father, Mother, Elder Brother, Sister-in-Law, Elder Sister, Nephew
 Interest & specialty : None! Recently watching Japanese dramas
 Ideal breakfast menu : Don't take breakfast basically, but anything also OK if it's made by my love (so sweet~ ^^)
 Favorite phrase : "Totally none", "No no", "Is it"
 Favorite color : Silver, Gold
 Favorite vegetables : Cucumber
 Favorite physical part of your body : Teeth, body curve
 Future dream : Actor, MC, photographer, PD, entrepreneur, singer, designer
 Instruments played : A type of bamboo flute, castranet, drum, triangle, clarinet
 Favorite SS501 song : Again, 4Chance
 Role in SS501 : Sexy Charisma
 An ideal man is : Someone like me! I wanna become such a person so as to say that
An ideal woman is : None. Someone who'll be with me together and make me feel everything will be alright
 An ideal date is : Shopping at the supermarket together
 Best in cooking : Pasta
 Like & dislike Korean dish : Like kimchi pancake, mum's homemade dishes, no dislikes
 Favorite drink : Yoghurt, lemon carbonate drinks, milk
 Dislike drink : Bitter drinks, though they are good for health
 Favorite (best) subject : Science, social, Hanga
 Dislike (worst) subject : Maths
 Favorite sport : Everything
 Essence of handsome looks : Natural, able to dress up in my own style
 Favorite flower : Orchid (Singapore's national symbol!!)
 Favorite animal : Dog, like those small sized cream-colored Pomeranian dog
 Prefer phone calls or SMS : It depends on the time
 Motto : Just concentrate!
 How you deal with difficulties : Solve it myself!!! Must overcome whatever it is!!!
 3 things to bring to a deserted island : Desert island?!! So frustraing, so far....... I still got so much undone matters!!!
 Thing that cannot be left behind : Handcream!! Accessories, socks 

name: Kim Hyung Jun
 Date of birth  : 3 August 1987
 Height, weight : 181cm, 65kg
 Nickname : Baby (Maknae)
 Place of birth : Seoul
 Family members : Mother, Father, Me, Younger Brother
 Interest & specialty : Interest - movies, computer, swim, ski & Specialty - sing, dance
 Ideal breakfast menu : Meat, vinegar rice, kimchi, rice
 Favorite phrase : (Let's) go
Favorite color : Black, blue, silver
 Favorite vegetables : Lettuce, spinach
 Favorite physical part of your body : Shoulder, neck
Future dream : To be a worldwide renowned artiste
 Instruments played : Had played piano, violin before
 Favorite SS501 song : Fighter, Snow Prince, Again
 Role in SS501 : Create the atmosphere
 An ideal man is : A guy like me
 An ideal woman is : A professional woman who has her own career and also still femine
 An ideal date is : Do everything that she wanted
 Best in cooking : CuisineX
 Like & dislike Korean dish : All Korean dishes
 Favorite drink : Cocoa power~drinks that contain cocoa chocolates, ginger carbonate drinks that are not too strong
 Dislike drink : Coke
 Favorite (best) subject : Science, English
Dislike (worst) subject : Home Economics
 Favorite sport : Swim, ski, football
 Essence of handsome looks : Colors+Matching (Maknae has always been good with matching his clothings, agree?)
 Favorite flower : Lily, rose, carnivorous plants
 Favorite animal : Dog, rabbit
 Prefer phone calls or SMS : Phone
 Motto : No matter when, just give your best shot
 How you deal with difficulties : Keep trying hard until I find a solution
 3 things to bring to a deserted island : Handphone, water, iPod
 Thing that cannot be left behind : iPod 

thats all...=)=)..
 actually nak komen2..tapi cm a bit sleepy now..hihi..=p

nway..enjoy this post..=p...

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


dr.nnhk said...

berani berani nya awak letak gamba boyfren saya tanpa minta izin saya dulu !

yang laen boleh letak tapi yang ketua tuh kena minta izin saya dulu k ! ish2 . saya tak bole terima niyh .;D

Anonymous said...

diorg sma tua ngan saya tapi pencapaian diorg dh banyak...
xleh jd nih....
saya nak bertukar jd kim hyung jyme

lavenderlover said...

along suke kim hyun joong(leader),kim hyung jung and kim kyu jong!!!
my bf erm..kim kyu jong la..=p

coretan. said...

suke korean?
i'm korean too
korean campur india sikit jadiklah mcm nie hua hua hua joking
nice entri~

sweet love said...

huda...all mine..kah22

jimie...boleh try..nyanyi sket kat lecture okeyh..haha

azreen: haha....whoot..budak baru hbih spm..merdeka..hehe..=p


hAniEy IzhAr said...

highlight, this topic!! hehe

albanaT said...

xhensem pun semua...=P

sweet love said...

fa:..hehe..warna warni..hehe..

yan2: hehe...hensemlah sumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee=p

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