Dec 23, 2010



since dah masuk study week.

sume org dh mcm xkuar rumah dah..
kalu kua jap ke..kosong je jln.
.nk nmpk org malaysia yg hot2 sume susah hooo..
especially dak2 manchester sem 3 lah kan..sebb diorg yg akan exam dulu b4 dak sem 5,sem 6 n sem 1...
xlupe student2 pharmacy yang akn exam awal gakss...
*sem atas dri sem 6 xsure**

emm...hati ni of courselah sume perasaan ade...
risau sgt2 ...cuak...gelabah..takut..memikirkn ape akan kua exam ti..
haa rase nak tito ngn buku je...kalu bleh osmosis kan bess...huhu

tpi mood pgg buku btul2 blom ade gi..xtau lah nape..huhu
hushhh...isau sgt22...
mintk2 bleh jwb sume dgn baek..at least ade point ahh...huhu

anyway...here are some tips i found...how to cope with this lah..

Talk to someone about your hopes and fears.
dpt realease tense sket dri fikir or pendam sorg2 kan...

 Be realistic about what you can achieve: Try not to con yourself into thinking you will do better than you are able or worse than you need to.

See exams as a challenge rather than as an imposition: Try looking up exams as an opportunity that has been given for you to show what you can achieve or to develop your skills in meeting challenges.  

Keep your life in balance. Finding a good balance between work and other pursuits is one of life’s biggest challenges, as it starts with examinations. The more you disrupt the normal patterns of your life- giving up the activities that refresh, stimulate and amuse you-the more stressful the examination process is likely to become.

But it is difficult to get those exams out of your head, do not worry about it. Just go with the flow. Try looking on exams instead as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself-what your talents aptitudes and inclinations really are-so that you can deal better with th future.

hope everyone will do well ..insyaallh..pray for everyone okeyh=)..
best of luck dearest friends around the world^_^

tamau stress2 tau shume...



senyum2 je...=)

smile so that our heart can be happy too..^_^

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


aimanazlan said...

Salam. Tak tau plak ada blog. Well, I hope your exams went well.

sweet love said...

hehe..thanks aiman..=)...
exam coming soon..

still new dgn blog=)=)

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