Jan 27, 2016

Something i feel like to write..


This memories..somehow.. i wanna write it here..

Waktu nak hntr2 brg...jumpe sekumpulan budak2 men bola.. dlm lingkungan umur 11 tahun.hehe.
Friendly.. kenal2.. saying goodbye.. baikla.. hehe..

During walking hantar barang...  i did somehow know that my ex bf  mcm dah ade gf baru.. dlm 3 months.. and he got new one.. i was so shocked that i was so clueless what to feel .. all i want is go home roght away but there are some works i have to settle first..

So later i got home... i could not stop my mind from thinking what is i feel actually.. i finally had some sharing session with le housemates... end up i burst into tears... again...
 I just dont know what is my feeling.. i dont mad angry .. perhaps i feel betrayed.hurt. keep thinking in my mind.. am i not this pretty that u hurt me this way... that u have a new one this early...

Thank you hosmet n my sister.. somehow relief my burden heart a bit.. moga ada hikmah...

Maybe baru 3 months kan.. my friend who study psychology said at least need 7 months to recover..

Ya Allah.. if this is the path that is the best for me.. heal my heart ya Allah... i do lots of sins before.. i know . forgive me ya Allah..

Yup.tomorrow rehearsal grad.lusa parents sampai from malaysia n graduation ceremony.

Moga hati ini kuat

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


babYpose said...

Moga lebih tabah, focus on better thing apa yang nabila want, want wish akan ada wonders di situ, inshaAllah. Take care, congrats :)

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