Oct 14, 2012



Every day there's someone complaining about something
"I've got no motivation, no money, there's no meaning in living..." Oh
You should gather up your self-esteem, your pride and dreams
you lost somewhere and put them together again

The times you spent idling
are days that have nothing to do with hard work
Don't make excuses again

Turn your eyes to
the you shining brightly in the future
With a lighting bolt of passion
don't drag your heels
Scorch the sun that blocks your way and burns you up

Chase the receding clouds
You felt infinity, didn't you?
At some point, you stopped looking up to the sky...
That "Passionate Me!!!", take it back!!

p/s: good luck 4 the exam,,, hope both of u always bersemangat tok study.. hehe

p/s: thanks pikah for this poem..really like it..
bukan sng ni nak dapat motivation from cik pikah sorg ni..hehehe

so i really appreciate it..thanks dear!!!!

fighting!!!...then jawab je esok n berserah pada Allah...


Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


♥ Cik Zack ♥ said...

goodluck exam dear ! :)

nik ros said...

menarik poem ni.
apapun good luck dik.

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