May 4, 2012

farewell semester 6..=.=...fighting2 for final!!!*** i wish my laptop is with me right now=(


=)..smiling when writing here..

i really miss writing here..
and i miss visiting my superb friends blog=)


just finished our classes,our poster presentations and our farewell party...

thanks so many much to my pbl doctor..dr malky..for great guiding n words for us..

n i am really sorry if i did any wrongs..

thanks to all pbl mates

i am really happy to be in the same pbl with all of you..

 last day of pbl=)
couldnt upload much cause the internet is soooo jealous with me..

counting days to final exam----> 15 days to go!!!...
counting days to be in MALAYSIA =)=)=)..

good luck to all my friends in sem 6.
may all of us can do well in the exam.
do pray for each other..

p/s: thanks along for giving me pinjam laptop kejap..

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


♥nurul♥ said...

gdluck! gdluck ! gdluck kak :D


Iena Eliena said...

singgah sini:)

jom join 1st giveaway by cik iena

Bulan Syurga Firdausi said...

awak...sy memg lame x ziarah cni kn...mmm hope org kt sne sht :) oo da nk exam e gdluck ;) moga Allah permudahkan :D

hanaahmad said...

all the best! :)

✿✿mamAuni✿✿ said...

folo ur nice blog..ju singgah blog akak plak..:D

khalifah said...

awk yg pki spec ke?comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.:)

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