Apr 13, 2012

international cultural day =)=)=)


big event tomorrow..cant wait....

Tentative program for the International Cultural Day 2012!~

Olympic Village

Thursday, April 12
10.00 am- 9.00 pm on sports (football competitions for teams participating)

Friday, April 13

10.00 to 1.00: the arrival of the guests and the participating countries to visit tents at Scouts Campus

The opening ceremony hall covered(salamoghata)

Introduction to the ceremony
Speech of :
Prof /Nesrene Salah Omar : Coordinator of the international students
Prof / Magda Nasr Ahmed, Vice President of the University
Prof / Hassan Osman, Vice President of the University
Prof / Ahmed Abdalkhalq: President of the University

Ceremony events

Program of the participating countries: the national anthem - most famous tourist attractions - a technical activity (45 min)
1:15-2:00: Palestine
2:00-2:45: Iraq
2:45-3:30 Sultanate of Oman

3:45-4:30 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4:30-5:15 Malaysia
5:15-6:00 Libya
6:00-6:45 Arab Republic of Egypt

Fashion Show of the participating countries - group photo – awards distribution (football tournament-best presentation)
 cant wait to support my lovely country,MALAYSIA..hehehe..
proud to be malaysia..=)=)..

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


maidah mazni said...

membalas kembali rindu di entri ini...

jejak kembali taw...


zaty luvlianncezzz said...

wow, international pnya event. like ! :)

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