Nov 9, 2011

tagged!! @3


being tag by si cntik masz=)

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  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal
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11 things that related to me..

--my real name : siti nabila binti noor azmi.

--i like teater though i never watch one..
--i like to eat my opah's delicious food especially sambal sotong,kari ikan and karipap daging
--my wan is soo kelakar orangnye..and i guess diwarisi oleh my hencem ayah=)
--my mom's granparent adelah org cine..weee=)
--i miss my atan sgt22 sekarang**atan is my cat=)
--i dont like people yg diskriminasi n memilih shbt ikut rupe 
--i dont like people cmparing me with my sister though it always happen=(
--i love my brothers asyraf n arwah faes sgt3333...n i miss them=(
--hehe..i love myself..and i try to be a good one ..still trying..insyallh..
--i wish to get married with someone who is truly love me as who i am ..not because of my apperance only=)

11 question yang ditanye=)=)

1. what is your dreams?
----> dreams??hehe..banyak syg...kalu dilist ni xhabih2..tapi antara yang paling nak sgt..dpt graduate n bekerja dgn sebaiknya..insyallh..
2. will ur dream comes true?how?
----> insyallah..one day...kene rajin2 belajr..tawakl..
3. the very very bad things that u had done?
----> shhh..let it keep secret la..segan =)
4. the best romantic moment u can't forget?why?with whom?
----> err ..with my own sister boleh??=)she's the best
5. if u must choose between ur besties and ur lovely bf, which would u choose?
----> haha..payahnyee soklan nih..nak due2la...=p..xnak pilih2.=p
6. the best food u love to eat?
----->omg..i love food..sume food awesome syg=)
7. which one u prefer friend with boy or friend with girl?
---->friend with girl of course...segan dgn boysla..gipun dgn girls boleh gossip2 wat pillow talk=p=p..
8. the song that make u remember to someone?
----->a lot!!!!!!!!
9. the best picture u really love?*attach*
---->hehe..picture of my self=p**syok sendiri..tgok dkt tepi ni jela..ade letak kan2..
10. between mom and dad, which one u prefer to share ur secret?
----> hehe...ermm..well..kalu hal2 perempuan..dgn mak tersyg..motivating things..of course my hencem ayah=)=)
11. lastly, ur favorite colour and did u have stuff collection of ur favourite colour?
--->i love pink..but most of my items kaler cmpur2 je..=p..tpi ade jugakla brg2 kale pink..=)=)

dear masz,,sori xdpt nk buat rule yg len...sori tau=)

thanks tag=)=)
Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


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