Jun 27, 2011

Each and every single day
You walk around and you pray
To find the one that you will love
It could be the one you push and shove
Whether it be the person down the street
Or someone you have yet to meet
Remember love comes in many different things
Not just money, cars, or diamond rings
Don't just look for beauty and fame
Look for one in which you could feel no pain
Love is a mysterious wonder
So you have to pick, hunt, choose, and plunder
If you ever find the one for you
Hold them and everyday say I love you
For love can always come and go
But if true it will stay through highs and lows
If you haven't found your true love
Keep looking for signs from above
They will come one day
Until then we can only pray=)
Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


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