May 6, 2011

game of 10=)=)


tadi blogwalking kejap..tetibe tertengok dekat blog ciksherah....

so macam seronok pulak game ni..hehe..

so..i decided to join=)=)...hehehe...

will start tomorrow=)....

so here the questions...

day one : 10 things about you
day two : 10 things you love
day three : 10 things you hate
day four : 10 things you want to say to one person
day five : 10 wishes
day six : 10 items you can’t live without
day seven : 10 important people
day eight : 10 of your favourite songs
day nine : 10 ways to win your heart
day ten : 10 final words

simple2 je..ingt nak amik yg challenge 30 tu..tapi, nanti2 la dulu;..hihihi...

hehe..till then...tata=)...

p/s: i miss you..
Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


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