Jan 21, 2011

lets story=)


thanks to my akak sc...kak dayah...for coming and bring such a yummy vanilla cake...
and we had a great chit chat and did solat hajat prayer together...
love you...

thanks to all friends...opie,along,safwah,yana,pikah,fa,dayah azman and mai...we had a great day rite..
thanks for the ayam ape erk opie..sangat sedap..=)


happy birthday ain=)..hope u like those card and a chocolate gift=)...
nice to have your birthday celebration on the cruise=)
happy for you!!=)
and the cruise was great...wish to go for second time with my lovely housemate=)..
boleh x yukinohanians??^_^..thanks yan2.=)

hope u like this=)

the ferry

the view before the ferry come


the cutest twins in mansoura=p

with the birthday girl..=)

with our yan2..=)
and when we arrived home...we got a pasta made by kak mira..thanks so much dearest!!!!

sangat sedap!!!

a nice cool day...=)..really cold actually...sampai kua asap ckp2..hihihi
but then...we feel like to have a jog at the istad gamaah...(stadium university)
hehe...have fun ..really...thanks fa=)....next time we should have more ok=)
hehe..agk semput sebb dah lame tinggal joging =p...
need to work out more=)
oh..muke shape yg xmandi lagi ni..hik3..

berehat sebentr after jog^_^

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


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