Aug 26, 2010


rini nak cerite pasal keluarga yg tersyg...hehe
keluarge sy an...ade 6 org semuanye..
this include my dad,my mom,my along.me myself,n my 2 lil brothers..

my dad n my mom work as a doctor n own 4 clinics..
but i guess, they love AMWAY bussiness more..=)
nway..me n my along are twin sis..
n of courselah..im the second twins rite..hik3..
next is my brother yg hensem..walaupun sgt2lah suke membuli me...
i still love him more than anyone else..heheh..
n guess what..he is also doing the AMWAY bussiness..
love it!!!..
me and along pula sekarang tengah berusaha untuk menjadi a good doctor and excellent specialist..
one day=)
doakan yerkk..
last but not least..
my last younger brother..
haishh..how i miss him soooooo many much!!!=(..
dah almost 5 years dah die pergi..
pergi meninggalkan kitorg sume forever...
n yet he is the most charming brother i have..
kalu korg tgok die senyum..=)..comel sangat..hehehe
tu je that i want to share today=)..
whatever happens..
i love my family 'ayah,emak,along,acap,faez' sooo muchhh!!!...
without u guys i am nothing to this world...
we are the sweetest family ever=)
ni mase kat genting..=)
ni mase kat usa..=)...

Terima Kasih Sudi Singgah sini dan Komen..Kalau Sudi singgah lagi


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